Our Mission

The elderly are some of the most underrepresented people in their communities, and it is hard for them to find their voice in digital world they are not used to communicating in. Our mission is to strengthen the ties of elderly with their family, and increase their presence in society through technology education.


Tech Support

Get help in person or over video chats changing a setting, replacing hardware, or troubleshooting with your device

($12 per hour)

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Register for one of our 5 pre-set curriculum group classes!

1. Basic computer skills

2. Advanced computer skills

3. Basic phone skills

4. Advanced phone skills

5. Email and Social Media

These classes are mainly provided at senior living homes, but can also be offered to any group of 5 or more people. 

($5 per person, or email for a group rate at senior living facilities)


Sign up for an hour-long tutoring session to ask specific questions about your device, get help using an app, or learn more about using any device. 

($12 per hour)